Personal Case

Lifebuoy Soap Mrp Rs: 33/-

Lux Soap Mrp Rs: 10/-

Lifebuoy Soap Mrp Rs: 10/-

Santoor Soap Mrp Rs: 33/-

Lux Soap Mrp Rs : 33/-

Tea And Coffee

Red Label Mrp Rs: 10/-

Red Label Tea 100Gm Mrp Rs: 40/-

3 Roses Mrp Rs: 10/-

Spices And Masalas

MTR Puliogare Mrp Rs:10 /-

MTR Bisibele Bath Mrp Rs:10/-

MTR Vangibath Mrp Rs:10/-

Aachi Chicken Masala Mrp Rs:10/-

Aachi Mutton Masala Mrp Rs: 10/-

Aachi Chilli Powder Mrp Rs:10 /-

Aachi Dhaniya Powder Mrp Rs:10/-

Aachi Sambar Powder Mrp Rs:10/-

Aachi Turmeric Powder Mrp Rs: 10/-

Aachi Garam Masala Mrp Rs: 10/-


Gts Bullet Kolam Rice 25kg

Cleaning and Household

Harpic 500ml Mrp Rs: 93/-

Chocolates and Biscuits

Dairy milk Mrp Rs: 10/-

Perk Mrp Rs: 5/-

Dairy milk Mrp Rs: 5/-

Cadbury oreo Mrp Rs: 10/-

5 Star Mrp Rs 5/-

Parle G Mrp Rs: 10/-

Good Day Mrp Rs: 10/-

Soaps And Detergents

Surfexcel soap Mrp Rs: 20/-

Surfexcel Easy wash Mrp Rs: 70/-